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Welcome to Sports Capital Group, the leader in athlete management and representation. We are pleased that we have an opportunity to build a relationship with you and make you a part of the Sports Capital Group family.

Combine Preparation & Training


Why Us?

Agent Jonathan Kline formed Sports Capital Group to benefit athletes with the knowledge and experience gained personally as an agent, athlete, attorney, and negotiator.

  1. Individual attention
  2. Education and experience
  3. NFL draft preparation
  4. Knowledge
  5. Integrity
  6. The best services and experts
  7. Aggressive pursuit of the best contract for you
  8. Best speed and strength trainers
  9. Marketing expertise
  10. Media connections
  11. Personal services
  12. Family focus
  13. Post-NFL career development
  14. Based in South Florida

At Sports Capital Group, we are not a large corporation, agency or conglomerate. We do not have stockholders or outside investors.
We do not employ runners, recruiters or middlemen. We simply offer you the best services, knowledge, and individual attention available.


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